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The golden age is before us, not behind us.

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Cliff doesn't know what Suu's shoe size is.

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Rakhal is dressed for work.

There's no furniture in the room.

Change will take time.


You don't really think Dori would kill himself, do you?

Your half is gone.

Konrad is a fitness fanatic.

Brooke has bought a new computer.

I'm afraid she will fail.

The witness perjured herself on the stand.

I'm so proud of them.

I don't know anything about guns.

That surprised her.

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It's fun to ride a motorcycle.

Which of the two books did you like better?

Jem just looked at Lonhyn and smiled.

I just got back.

Atuqtuaq habitually speaks Inuktitut and speaks a bit of English.


"Aren't you Mexican?" "Yes, though now I live in Argentina."

I really do want to get to know Margot better.

I know how proud you are of your children.

Bud eventually left Boston.

What are you boys doing out here?

Hurf had something urgent to do.

Spy lived in Boston when he was a kid.

Their eyes met.

I thought you had another reason.

I can't go back to the way it was.

Milk is nutritious.

Kanthan wasn't born blind.

We have lived in this town for five years.


I like that dude.

Fifteen more minutes and I'll be out of here.

Pickup trucks are popular in North America, but not in Europe.

Spock speaks French better than any of the other students in his class.

Kyung pointed out a few mistakes I had made.

Hey, you want to have a lot of fun? Come with us.

I just assumed that was the reason.


Here we go.


I need a car.

Let's throw all this stuff away.

Everyone admires the pictures painted by him.

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Women are not a minority.

Bozhena is a pretty blonde; she is the prettiest girl in our school.

Peter is not in now.

I don't want to talk about myself.

At the meeting, we came up with a lot of new ideas.

She should have been killed in the accident, but she survived.

You have no idea what that means, do you?

Can you tell me that man's name?

Lawyers will urge the parents to take further legal action.

I don't know what Kristi saw.

There was an eerie silence.

I get on very well with my brother.

She is giving the baby a bath.

If for some reason I failed, I'd try again.

The hill is always green.

Sanand seems sad.

Does Father know you've broken his watch?

This is delicious. What is it?

She is looking forward to going to the movies with him.

He's like a brother to me.

Do you know what you should do?

This statue belongs to her.

Teriann scares easy.

That was no ordinary storm.

I rarely laughed so much.

It's not negotiable.

Don't you have an opinion?


Go home quickly.

He wants to come with us.

Please don't eat in my car.

Truth is always the same: all its versions are a lie.

We drove back to the hotel.

On my way home, I met a beautiful lady.

You sure are quiet tonight.

I'm taking my coffee with me.

I used to a lot.

They are studying these days.

The cafeteria's primary problem is its quality.


She's trying to balance her work and home lives.


He seems to live in harmony with all his friends.


Would it be better to start early?

It'll be a tough match.

Where did you see those women?

From your lips to God's ears!

I'd like to get together with you tonight.

Though Jim works very hard, his job does not pay very much.

I must decide what to do.


Is there anything more interesting that we could be doing?

She is no less beautiful than her older sister.

Plato's my friend, but truth I cherish even more.

The crux of his argument can be found on p. 56.

I was forced to abandon the plan.


I always loved your delicacy.


Ask Marek if he plans to be here on Monday.

It ain't easy to please my parents.

I'm sure you knew that.

I like Ozodbek's songs.

But love can break your heart.


Brooke went to the police station to file an accident report.

I need an aspirin.

Have you ever helped your wife in cooking?

Beautiful flowers don't always produce good fruits.

I didn't tell anyone, not even my mother.

The electricity is off at the moment.

Did you acknowledge his letter?

What do I do now?

Few of my friends have two cars.

I had no idea of what she intended to do.

A dog runs after a cat, and the cat after a mouse.


I've been doing this for months.

Gunnar had to make do with a glass of water with his food because he had no beer at home.

Let forgiveness come and wash away everything I have done.

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A coward runs at the first sign of danger.

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You can have the rest of the fries.

I like to watch her undress.

Happiness is a question of moderation.

She hid the secret from her husband all her life.

Happy Moon Festival!


He has a headache.

The senator was censured by the congressional ethics committee.

I stand against it.

I'm going to let you do whatever you want to do.

Give me an example.

She's being questioned by our sketch artist.

Sjouke wasn't sure how to fill out the form.


I didn't say I liked Donald.


He truly formed who I am today.

He had to withdraw.

I'll give Kristi half of my share.

Rees doesn't mind lending Sedovic money.

She tried to pull a fast one on me.

Bud managed to save them.

I feel nothing but contempt for such dishonest behavior.

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Isn't that astounding?

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Don't touch that pan! It's very hot.

Would you like to sit down?

She was such a hardworking girl that she made much progress in French.

I like being independent.

Luis was small in stature.

She held my arm firmly.

"Give me something to write with." "Will this do?" "Yes, it will do."

I found his office easily.

I never get to go anywhere without Anderson.


Can you get that medicine over the counter or do you need a prescription?


I would not be the same without you.

Leon barely managed to pass the test.

When I travel, I don't wear armor.

Send the package to this address.

All the young dogs run quickly.

I love to fish in the trout stream behind my house.

Did you speak?

I know what people want.

Rob just went nuts.


Ti has been hurt.

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I couldn't in my wildest dreams imagine myself wearing fur.

However, what's interesting is that whilst there are people whose computer use has become a problem, there are also people who have recovered from illness because of using computers.

Your remarks were rather out of place.

Did you say a tea party at your place this Sunday?

Perry told me to stop talking.

A Mr Ono called to see you.

I can't stand to be interfered with in my work.

It is a little late for that now.

The French abandoned the project of the construction of the Panama Canal in 1889.

He was out of humor as he had lost his wallet.

I'm going to get something to eat.

Karl placed the boards bit by bit on the conveyor belt.

Everything looks good here.